December 6, 2023

All-Optical Analog-Digital Converter (ADC)

Today, we're excited to unveil a groundbreaking project in signal processing - the world's first all-optical analog-digital converter, a project co-financed by the European Union and Investitionsbank Berlin Traditionally, analog-digital converters (ADCs) rely on electronic components, converting analog signals into digital form using a series of electrical processes. But our new all-optical ADC changes the game. Using advanced photonics, this device interprets optical analog signals directly into digital format, bypassing the need for electronic conversion. This means faster processing, reduced energy consumption, and enhanced accuracy. As light, carrying analog information, enters the converter, it's immediately processed through a series of optical components, transforming it into a digital output in real-time. Our team focuses on overcoming the limitations of traditional ADCs. By leveraging optical properties, we've significantly increased the speed and efficiency, opening doors for applications in telecommunications, imaging, and beyond. This project, co-financed by the European Union and Investitionsbank Berlin, represents a leap forward in optical technology. It's not just a converter; it's a symbol of innovation and collective effort. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to explore the frontiers of technology.

IBB Pro FIT Frühphasenfinanzierung

German Project Description

Analog-digital Konverter sind in der digitalen Signalverarbeitung entscheidend. Dieses Projekt erforscht einen rein-optischen Analog-Digital-Konverter auf Graphen-Basis, um die Energieeffizienz und Leistung in der optischen Signalverarbeitung zu steigern. Ziel ist es, ineffiziente elektro-optische Konvertierung in optischen Netzwerken zu eliminieren und so Energieverbrauch und Latenzverluste zu reduzieren, insbesondere in kritischen Signalpfaden.