October 24, 2023


We have some exciting news for you: Our kick-off meeting marked the official start of the GATEPOST project!

The kick-off meeting took place at the project's lead partner, the Leibniz Institute for Innovative Microelectronics (IHP) in Frankfurt Oder (Germany). The project meeting was used as an opportunity to get to know each other on a personal level within the consortium and to discuss all the steps of the work. The programme concluded with a guided tour of the IHP, including a visit to the 2D experimental pilot plant where the innovative components developed in GATEPOST will be manufactured.

About GATEPOST - for a secure Internet of Things

GATEPOST stands for Graphene-based All-Optical Technology Platform for Secure Internet of Things. Experts from all over Europe have joined forces to achieve the project's ambitious goal.

Our Vision & Mission

With GATEPOST, we aim to revolutionise computing and security with a breakthrough approach based on graphene. Graphene and 2D materials offer great potential and unprecedented opportunities for efficient non-linear light interactions with ultra-fast response times. GATEPOST therefore aims to integrate these materials into complementary metal-oxide-semiconductors (CMOS) based on silicon nitride. The project focuses on combining graphene with standard CMOS processes, which will lead to breakthroughs in computing and memory sector.

Why GATEPOST is important

Although the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G/6G applications are already making our daily lives easier and more efficient, their potential has yet to be fully realised. Whether it's autonomous driving, connecting experts live during medical procedures, complex simulations or smart cities. We are on the cusp of breakthroughs in so many exciting and important innovations. Our graphene-based components are the solution.

GATEPOST - Making the EU competitive

We are strengthening the supply chains for high performance computing in the EU.

We will regularly update you on the progress of the project and give you an insight into our day-to-day work. For us, GATEPOST is not just a funding project, but a shared mission to make the IoT more secure and pave the way for exciting future applications. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey. 🌟

The GATEPOST project is funded by the EU through the Horizon Europe programme.